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As you probably know, this Sunday, Feb. 9, marks 50 years since The Beatles made their American television debut on the "Ed Sullivan Show."  

For us Baby Boomers, that Sunday night was a watershed moment in our collective history; we could actually feel the world change. Music became different; fashion became different; and we began to see the black-and-white world differently. 

Soon enough, there would be a phantasmagoric explosion of color, and hope, and possibility. We were privileged to be alive and young at the start of this cultural revolution.

In the ninth grade, I and several classmates would gather at the home of a friend and create a mimeographed newsletter that we distributed around school, pointing out issues we saw around the campus and offering our somewhat juvenile solutions.  

We believed we could change the world during those years; and The Beatles were the soundtrack to our seasons. 

The world has changed many times since those stimulating days of the 1960s, and we have as well. 

Yet, when we recall that chilly Sunday night in February 1964 when four lads fromLiverpool first appeared on our small black-and-white TV screens, once again we feel that youthful yearning for something out there that's just waiting to be grasped.

--Frank Sayles Jr.

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