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This has been sent to The Tifton Gazette as a Letter to the Editor by Tifton Grapevine Publisher Frank Sayles Jr.:

Last Sunday's Tifton Gazette left me scratching my head. I was the subject of a front-page article that claimed my publishing an article in last Friday's Tifton Grapevine put me "in question" because of my role as a city councilman, a position I had held for two weeks at the time.
The Tifton Grapevine is a local electronic newspaper with thousands of email subscribers. The article, written by my wife, Bonnie, who is a former Charleston newspaper reporter/editor and magazine editor, was about a civil lawsuit filed against the City of Tifton and a local funeral home over a crematory being constructed in the city.
The Gazette editor, Angye Morrison, is questioning whether I have a "conflict of interest" because I published that article, supposedly because as a council member I was notified the day after the suit had been filed.
What the Gazette is not telling you is that nearly two months before I assumed my council duties, I had heard that the suit was going to be filed. I heard this by talking to people in the community -- something a good journalist does. For about six weeks, I was keeping an eye on when the suit was going to be filed so we could report it to the community.
And once it was filed, it's public record. I knew it was coming before I became a city councilman. If the Gazette had done their job, they also would have known it was coming.
So, Miss Morrison is alleging that I may have made some sort of ethical breach by publishing an article about a public matter. The Gazette says I have been "questioned" about this. 
Questioned by whom? Well, by the Gazette, specifically Miss Morrison.
And why? It is obvious that the Gazette is irked by the Tifton Grapevine frequently publishing news and advertising that the Gazette doesn't have. During the past month, the Tifton Grapevine has gone from a Friday-only to a Tuesday and Friday electronic publication. Apparently, this is threatening to the Gazette.
I have friends at the Gazette who are good, hard-working people, but unfortunately The Tifton Gazette is a mere shell of what it once was, primarily because of economic forces. Newspapers across the nation are facing similar issues.
I am saddened to see the shrinking of The Tifton Gazette; it's facing tough days. But that's no excuse to lash out at someone whom they see as a competitor. If they wish to criticize some decision I make in my capacity as a city councilman, well, that's fair game.
To fabricate an issue and publish it as “news” on the front page of a newspaper and then write an editorial that I have committed “a breach of trust” is quite another. It is self-serving on their part and misleading the public.
I have always endeavored to operate with honesty and integrity. Those who know me would agree.
The Gazette’s actions are unbecoming and unprofessional.
Frank Sayles Jr.
Tifton, Ga.



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albert coburn on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 10:49 AM
Funny, they are a shell of their former self, indeed. They bring in people from out of town who do not and have not cared about the community. The current Publisher and I have butted heads because he got butt-hurt over some of my observations and the fact that he ignored several Emails about some of the things in the paper (left out). They do not do any hard reporting anymore,(Unless they are told to embarrass someone), listen to the wrong people and censor the news. Since we do not have any local radio stations anymore and their signals belie the fact that they do zero reporting, unless it is something they have a financial interest in, a lot of us have to refer to the social media. Sad part of it is, it would take very little edffort from them to actually be a good responsible citizen of the community, instead they want to adversarial and angry it they are called on something. And they still wonder why they are going down the road of diminishing returns.
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Stacy Jones on Thursday, January 21, 2016 8:42 PM
It's funny that you mention The Tifton Gazette "shrinking" while The Grapevine now posts 2 days a week. I frequently see stories published in The Grapevine only after they have been published by The Gazette. No need to be bitter because you were called out for something that is, in fact, questionable. Sounds like you're just trying to distract from the real issue. Your response, in my opinion, is unbecoming and unprofessional.
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Michael Troia on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 3:29 AM
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