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Tift County Foundation for Educational Excellence Incentive Grants for 
2019-20 School Year

In no particular order, here are the recipients, grant description, grades served and schools receiving Incentive Grants for projects:

  • Sherri Coarsey, Energy Bus for Kids Books, K-5th, Annie Belle Clark Elementary
  • Kimberly Jacobs, Q-Ball Throwable Microphones, K-5th, G.O. Bailey Elementary
  • Amy Brooks, Q-Ball Throwable Microphones, K-5th, J.T. Reddick Elementary     
  • Courtney Greer, Flexible Seating, Kindergarten, Len Lastinger Elementary
  • Tameka Butts, Full STEAM Ahead Books, K-5th, Matt Wilson Elementary
  • Robin Lasseter, Fun with Reading Puppets, PreK-5th, Omega School
  • Beth Golden, Eve Rogers, Expand School Garden/Orchard, 6th-8th, Eighth Street Middle
  • Stephanie Bullington, Read Aloud Supplements, 6th, Northeast Middle
  • Jennifer Alexander, Forensic Comparison Microscope, 12th, Tift County High
  • Kristy Gibbs, Snaptricity Electronics Kits, 5th, Annie Belle Clark Elementary
  • Brian Marchant, Instruments & Accessories, K-5th, G.O. Bailey Elementary
  • Jill Coogle, Sensory Path to get Kids Moving, Kindergarten, J.T. Reddick Elementary
  • Danielle Hunt, Flexible Seating, 2nd, Len Lastinger Elementary
  • Temeka Butts, MakerSpace for STEAM, K-5th, Matt Wilson Elementary
  • Maegan Story, Hands-on Body Systems, 6th-8th, Eighth Street Middle
  • Lisa Dykes, Flexible Seating, 6th-8th, Northeast Middle
  • Jeanna Waddell, Okeefenokee Swamp Experience, 9th-12th, Tift County High
  • Belinda Griffin, Wobble Chairs, 3rd, Annie Belle Clark Elementary
  • Rachael Martin, Alternative Seating, PreK-5th, J.T. Reddick Elementary
  • Tracy Ingram, Pollinator Garden Temp Station, K-5th, Len Lastinger Elementary
  • Constance Terrell, Bouncy Bands for Desks, 6th-8th, Eighth Street Middle
  • Caitlyn McFarland, Sherri Coarsey, Magnetic Blocks Set with Wheels, 1st, Annie Belle Clark
  • Treci Morrow, MakerSpace STEM Kits, Kindergarten, J.T. Reddick Elementary
  • Stephanie Roberts, Writing Lounge Transformation, 4th, Len Lastinger Elementary
  • Tiffany Williams, America’s Battle of the Books, 6th-8th, Eighth Street Middle
  • Caitlyn McFarland, Sherri Coarsey, Green Screen & Software for AV, K-5th, Annie Belle Clark
  • Gwen Robinson, Stand-up Desks & Stools, 3rd, Len Lastinger
  • Samantha Walker, Bouncy Bands & Flexible Seating, 3rd, Annie Belle Clark
  • Dawn Sterling, DIY Pond kit for School Garden, 3rd, Len Lastinger
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